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After some careful deliberation and debate, we've made the decision to take Paracite Knights in a new direction. Moe is a much bigger and more exciting genre right now, so we've decided to jump in!


Meet the Knights Club at Sagramore Girl's High School! Although, there are only four members right now, that won't stop these girls! Join Astoria, Wattan, Mercia, and Nassau-neesan on their wild antics as they try to fight Paracite monsters...but only if they finish their homework first!

Uploaded by Commander at 21:13 on 31 March


Fixing things up

Posted 14:23
Tue 30 October
by Commander

Hello, everybody! Please be patient as I redo the site. We're switching from Wordpress to a new CMS, so hopefully things will be a little cleaner from here out. Please be patient! The pages will be back up soon, and new pages will start happening after that.

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